A Facebook Primer

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Facebook ads appear on a user’s personal page in the right sidebar. Facebook ads are hyper-targeted by city and zip code, by 12 Facebook user profiles, and  by interests and content posted in “status updates.” Furthermore, Facebook ads can provide word-of-mouth endorsements from fans. If a fan ‘Likes’ your page, Facebook may use them by name as a free advertiser for your brand on their friends’ pages.

page is a Facebook account for business. It has fans instead of friends. It’s for serving up great content and engaging with fans and their friends to increase brand awareness and generate leads.

Users on Facebook are not in “search” mode. Rather, they are in “receive” mode, leisurely socializing with friends at an online cocktail party of sorts. Instead of passively waiting for patients to find you via search, be pro-active and go after them. Create demand, identify problems and provide solutions to targeted users with Facebook content and ads.

“Social media is for young people.” Not anymore. Two of the fastest growing demographics of Facebook’s active users are age 34-54 and 55+. Patients are on social media. Is your competitor about to launch Facebook ads? Be first, be early and show how tech-savvy your practice is.

To be pro-active and generate leads, you need targeted, optimized Facebook ads and a Facebook page with content targeting your patients’ interests. Who has time? You and your staff don’t, and your Old School agency doesn’t know how. Outsource it to GetSwell’s team of social media marketing and healthcare experts.

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